Duncan Burke
Age: 16
Birthday: July 2nd

Duncan isn't exactly what you'd consider a social butterfly. Rather, he's more like a fat moth that eats all of your clothes. He doesn't like to meet new people, he doesn't like socializing, and he doesn't care to go out of his way for anyone or anything. Despite this, he somehow manages to maintain a friendship with Archel and Nickie.

Fun fact: He has held several jobs at various food establishments, none of which he did much actual work at.
Archel Hanski
Age: 16
Birthday: April 15th

Archel can be bossy and a tad abrasive, much to Duncan's displeasure. Although one might not guess it, this personality may be the glue that keeps this unlikely friendship together. She does have a much more personable side, however, depending on her company.

Fun fact: She plays soccer. You may be able to imagine how her teammates feel about her "my way or the highway" attitude.
Nicholas Palumbo (and his cat, Ramone)
Age: 17
Birthday: September 6th

Nickie, as the kids call him, nearly always goes by his nickname. He's a fairly soft-spoken person with a particular penchant for cats. As a result of his quietness, paired with his choice of friends, he occasionally ends up with a role not much larger than that of a piece of furniture (a lamp or a coat hanger being the most obvious choices).

Fun fact: He comes from a household full to the brim with siblings.
Age: ??? (assumed to be around late 20s/early 30s)
Birthday: June 13th

Seriously though, what even is this guy's deal?